BlueQQ Alkaline

BlueQQ Alkaline

BlueQQ Alkaline Water Bottle, With Naturel Minerals

Water Rich in Minerals in the most Purified form

Mineral / PH Balance / Antimicrobal / Lopolytic / Bioactive / Portability

- BlueQQ's natural minerals and its nutrient benefits purify the water with its Ph balancing property as well as minerals including calcium, magnesium and zinc ion.
- There are vaild research tests results from KEWWI, Japan FDA and the U.S FDA.
- With its distinctive smooth and silky texture of the water, it also prevents bacteria with its disonfecting properties.
It's unique cartridge system is activated by a F.I.R far infrared raysm anion, ORP 199ml (Active Oxygen), and Sophoricoside (Body fat reducing effect)
Maintain an optical ph balance (Alkaline) with a variety of minerals (Ca, K, Mg, Zn, etc.)

Scope of Application

Drinking water improvement, providing natural mineral combination in drinking water, water softening, water disinfection, water activation.

  • Removes bad odors (organic matter, chlorine, impurities)
  • Excellent chlorine removal
  • Antibacterial & Disinfection (has an effect over 99%.)
  • It removes heavy metals harmful to human health.
  • It removes the bad odor in the water.
  • It controls the PH value of the water.
  • Removes harmful active oxygen.
  • Creates an antioxidant effect like Vitamin C.
  • It decreases the oxidation reduction potential of water.
  • It activates human, plant and animal metabolism with infrared rays.

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