Heat Mat

Heat Mat
Heat Mat

Heat Mat

Jade stone heat mat

Jade master heat cushion is one the most practical product of jade master, which contains jade stone. Its primary function is to emit infrared ray.

Jade stone

Jade stone is one of the most important components of the heat mat. Chemical composition of jade consisting of (sodium, aluminum, silicon, oxygen) NaAlSi₂O₆

Jade stone is a gemstone, a volcanic stone, a type of precious stone; hot jade stone helps purify toxins from the body.

Benefits of infrared ray, which is emitted by the cushion.

When a jade master thermal cushion is used, the jade stone is heated inside the belt and emits infrared waves. This is by converting the negative ions of the jade stone by heat and electricity into infrared radiation and (12-15) cm enters the body.

The main components inside the jade cushion

  • Nano clay / to maintain the safety of the temperature, and keeping the cushion warm.
  • Nano silver /keeps the belt from sweat and bad smell.
  • Fiberglass / to regulate and confine the infrared rays to remain in straight beam outside the cushion.
  • Nano bronze / the inside of the cushion is lined with a bronze material to preserve the electrical energy.
  • Germanium / to preserve the cushion from microorganisms and harmful bacteria.


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